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College Advising Services

Consultation Services for College Planning

College Planning Service

  • Comprehensive Intake session with student and parents
  • Review of academic performance, current grades and transcripts
  • Suugestions for senior year course selection
  • Guidance on standardized testing SAT/ACT/SAT subject tests
  • Development of an appropriate and balanced college list
  • Timeline for testing, school visits, applications
  • Assistance with the Common Application and essay topics
  • Guidance on how to write college supplemental essays
  • Development of a college resume
  • Referrals in cases where tutoring is needed 
  • Assistance in obtaining extra-time on tests
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume- finishing touches
  • Essay review and edits

Learning Disabilities and College Planning Services

  • Review all IEP, 504 plans and current academic functioning
  • Review all educational testing and neuropsychological evaluations
  • Develop a list of school placements if current school is not a good fit
  • Observe in the classroom when necessary
  • Meet with teachers and school administrators on behalf of the student
  • Attend CSE meetings when necessary
  • Referrals made to related professionals for further evaluations
  • Assist families with FERPA (Family Education Rights Privacy Act) 
  • Provide guidance on support/ accommodations at the college level